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Who We Serve

The Inter-Entity Shared Services staff serve the Johns Hopkins University’s academic schools, administrative divisions, research centers, and institutes.   Additionally, Inter-Entity serves Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Community Hospitals, Johns Hopkins Medical Services Corporation, and other Johns Hopkins Health System affiliates.

Inter-Entity Agreements

Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System Affiliates are members of the Johns Hopkins Enterprise, but are separate legal organizations that have a joint mission of Research, Teaching, and Patient Care. Written agreements between Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System Affiliates address financial, operational, and programmatic sharing arrangements. The written agreements include […]

KB15N User Guides

The KB15N is a transaction to process non-recurring cost allocations within SAP Controlling (CO) module.  Costs are allocated from one cost collector to another cost collector using Secondary Cost Elements (SCE).  Anyone can prepare a KB15N, but only the Central Finance Offices can upload to process in SAP. Users identify the need for and specifics […]


Inter-Entity Shared Service Center staff provides quality service to the entire Johns Hopkins Enterprise related to transactions that impact both Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System.

Glossary of SAP Terms

An allocation is a generic term referring to movement of dollar amounts from one cost collector to one or more cost collectors. Johns Hopkins uses several different types of allocations, including Assessments, Distributions, Manual Allocations, Internal Order Settlement and Activity Allocations. For every allocation, there is at least one sender cost object and at least […]

Service Agreement

The Inter-Entity Shared Service (IESS) department serves both the Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Health System Affiliates. All intercompany transfers are processed through IESS for compliance review and processing, except Interface transfers. The IESS Department works with the JHHS Controllers and Treasury departments monthly to settle the net cash due to due from […]