The KB15N is a transaction to process non-recurring cost allocations within SAP Controlling (CO) module.  Costs are allocated from one cost collector to another cost collector using Secondary Cost Elements (SCE).  Anyone can prepare a KB15N, but only the Central Finance Offices can upload to process in SAP. Users identify the need for and specifics surrounding the cost allocation. 

KB15N allocations can be either:

  • Intra-Entity transaction -within the same entity (JHU to JHU, JHHS or JHHS). 
  • Inter-Entity transaction – cross entities (JHU or JHHS)

Example: Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) employee registers for a JHU training session. A KB15N spreadsheet is prepared to transfer funds from JHH to reimburse JHU.

Additional Information:

KB15N User Template

KB15N Job Aid